Fulu Makwetla Featured in Destiny Magazine

Working in both the private and public sector, and holding high positions in asset management, investment consulting and the pension fund environment, thoroughly prepared Fulu Makwetla to venture out and start her own business. Three years ago, she launched Third Way Investment Partners. “It took an incredible amount of bravery to step outside my comfort zone and strike out on my own. I’m truly passionate about developmental investing,” she says. 

Born and raised in Thohoyandou, a rural part of Limpopo, Makwetla says she’s driven by the investment needs of her community. “Having an investment background, I’m able to solve challenges such as the funding of education, healthcare and agriculture, to mention a few. The investors are ordinary workers from the same communities whose life savings are in retirement funds. Unless we create solutions for them to use what could potentially be their only savings to uplift their communities, we’ll have failed.” she declares.

For Makwetla, being an entrepreneur has been a journey of personal growth. She feels it’s not only about having the skill to do something  but also about having the desire and commitment to do her best. It’s also about having gratitude for the difficult times and learning from them. 

Despite having accomplished more than many of us can dream of, Makwetla says: “This is only the beginning. I’d like to continue growing, raise the bar in this specialised field and pursue opportunities that come with it.”

*This feature was originally published in Destiny Magazine (November 2018 issue). It was written by Sheena Adams.