Highlights of John Oliphant’s Today’s Trustee articles

John Oliphant, former Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) principal executive officer and executive director of Third Way Investment Partners, is a keen writer and regularly contributes to mainstream and specialised publications, like Today’s Trustee. Below are some of his contributions over the years.

Climate change has sparked an unprecedented shift

Pension funds face several new investment hurdles. A report compiled by US giant, CalPers, details the first climate-risk assessment of its pension fund and found that one-fifth of the fund’s public-market investments were in areas that have high exposure to climate change. 

Nevertheless, there is an improvement: In this article, John Oliphant, Non-Executive Chairman of RH Bophelo and former POE of the GEPF, unpacks key points for retirement funds to consider and highlights ways in which asset managers are challenging the norm. 

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Same devotion, new direction

As principal executive officer of the Government Employees Pension Fund, John Oliphant achieved significant impact, particularly by championing public causes like stakeholder activism and the Code for Responsible Investing in SA (CRISA). He was appointed at a very young age and has since made a positive impression on the asset management world. Over the last couple of years, Oliphant has been busy growing his own investment holding company, Third Way Investment Group.

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It is time to revisit old economic challenges with new energy

In this article, John Oliphant looks at why workers are not using their rights of ownership to push for reform in corporate South Africa. He highlights five ways that can possibly help with the necessary reforms. 


Future trends in investments – ideal for pension funds

John Oliphant, former principal executive officer of the GEPF and chairman of Third Way Asset Management Group, explores some of the ways that one could help to create a conducive environment that allows institutional investors, like pension funds, to invest directly in social and economic infrastructure.

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A decade of success for the UN PRI

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative, backed by the United Nations, is a global network of investors pulling together to put into practice the six PRI principles as a meaningful contribution to the advancement of a more sustainable international financial system. With the support of the GEPF, the PRI SA network was launched in May 2009. 

John Oliphant, former principal executive officer of the GEPF and chairman of the Third Way Investment Partners, was instrumental in bringing the PRI’s annual event to South Africa in 2013. 

Find out more about this initiative’s successes in the following article: https://www.totrust.co.za/article/cover-story-editorials-edition-april-june-2016/

Gaia lists successfully on the JSE

The successful listing of Gaia Infrastructure Capital, on the JSE’s main board, creates an opportunity for individuals and smaller pension funds to invest directly in a growing asset class. Managing director of Gaia is the well-versed expert, John Oliphant. 

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